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The Full Form of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is a bitmap picture design that was created by a group at the notice board administration (BBS) supplier CompuServe drove by American PC researcher Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987. GIF is a chain of different bitmap documents so as to make one enlivened picture. It is a 8 piece design which implies the most extreme number of hues upheld by the organization is 256. There are two GIF measures, 87a and 89a. In each pixel, it includes one shading out of 200 and fifty-six of every a GIF picture. GIFs are little and conservative in size and you can share them effectively on any stage. GIF is a powerful picture which is much the same as video with no stable. It resembles an iPhone's live picture. It is a little video cut which replays itself until we stop it.

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Gif Full Form In Computer It's an abbreviation instituted by Compuserve: "Illustrations Interchange Format". The entire idea of moving illustrations between PCs was a serious deal at the time the name and the organization was designed.And Full Form Gif Also People Search gif full form in computer download